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P.A.K Engineering Ltd has a global customer base of over seventy companies, suppling them with a wide variety of products.

Wire wound tube or pin fin as it is otherwise known is made from one continuous piece of wire, wound helically over the tube with root soldering on every foot of every loop.

The root soldering along the entire length eliminates all air gaps between the fin and the tube. Due to a high surface ratio of the wire loop and creating a greater turbulence, increasing the heat transfer efficient per unit length than that of a crimped spirally wound tube with less air pressure drop.

P.A.K Engineering Ltd was formed in 2001 and has become one of the UK's leading finned tube manufacturers. As a company we have developed from just producing External finned tube to Turbulators and Oil/Air-coolers.

Development within the company has also seen the manufacture of
Finned coils with minimum destruction of the fins. We have also developed many Special products and prototypes for our customers. P.A.K Engineering's philosophy is to build a close relationship with our customers, to deliver our products on time and to ISO 2008 quality standards.

turbulators can make significant difference to the efficiency of the heat exchanger tube, not just to wire wound tubes but also other types of finned tube i.e. L-fin, G-fin extruded fin and welded fin, this enables a higher heat transfer coefficient.

Wire wound tube with fixed solder bonded or flexible turbulatours enables the design of a highly compact heat exchanger unit compared to other conventional fin tube in identical working conditions.

Wire wound tubes can be manufactured in a vast range of tube specifications and combinations of fining. For further details visit the
specification tab under External Finned Tube.

To find out more information about the other products we manufacture including our
Oil/Air-coolers please browse through our web-site to find out more information.

Welcome to P.A.K Engineering Ltd manufacturers of Wire Wound Tubes,
Turbulators, Coolers and Finned Coils, also supplying Plain Tube and U-Tubes